Fr. Laiju Varkey

Rizvi College of Education and the teachers have contributed a lot in my life. I discovered my talents because of their constant support and encouragement. I am sure all these numerable experiences in Rizvi College of Education have made me what I am today. Such myriads of experiences made my life so beautiful, so memorable and, more importantly, constructed my personality to take up bigger responsibilities, that is to be a principal of a school immediately after my B. Ed. I am sure you will continue to inspire and mould many more students to achieve great success in life. Thanks to Rizvi College of Education and to my beloved teachers too.

Fr. Laiju Varkey, 2012-13
St. Arnold’s Central School, Kerala

Ruchi Mittal

What I couldn’t develop throughout my formative years, Rizvi College of Education developed in me within a year. I entered as a timid girl barely able to hear my own voice, but owing to the multiplicity of activities, practice sessions and the like, I can proudly face the world today. The one aspect that I owe Rizvi College of Education completely for, is the ability to empower me and make me realize the extent of human potential.

Ruchi Mittal, 2006-07
Asst. Professor
Smt. Kapila Khandvala College of Education, Mumbai

Farah Ansari

If I have the ability to teach today, it is only because of the intensive training, attention to detail and the obedience impressed upon me by Rizvi College of Education. Running alongside these is an activity very close to my heart – teaching the lepers. The community service assignment opened up a whole new world to me- I learnt about the condition of lepers, their struggles with education and society and most importantly, I learnt to appreciate everything I took for granted. Thank you Rizvi College of Education.

Farah Ansari, 2009-10
Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Charles Aloysius Miranda

I’m filled with nostalgia every time I think about the days when I was a student-teacher at Rizvi College of Education. The teaching faculty are pro in their areas of expertise which helped create an environment that was conducive to learning. The confidence that my teachers showed in me inspired me to excel. Even the most minute contribution by them has shaped me and made me the teacher I am today.

Prof. Charles Aloysius Miranda, 2010-11
Asst. Head of Department
St. Mary’s Catholic High School, Dubai, U.A.E.

Rashida Lokhandwala

If you want a package deal, Rizvi College of Education is the seal! Yes, Rizvi has sealed in me the various facets of the teaching profession. I never thought learning could be such fun without the expert guidance and full-fledged support I received from the staff. By deed and action, I learnt to teach, conquer and guide young minds with love. Thank you for the incredible experience Rizvi College of Education.

Rashida Lokhandwala, 2013-14
Co-ordinator of Pre-Primary School
Saifi High School Mumbai

Alvina Shaikh

Beyond just education, I feel like I have received a degree in personal development from Rizvi College of Education. Multitasking, stepping in, stepping up, holding on, patience, self development, motivation, you name it and I have learnt it during the entire year in Rizvi College of Education. For the staff at Rizvi College, education is not something you learn- it’s something you develop and in the process, you develop yourself and others around you. Thank you Rizvi College of Education for being the vine of my dreams.

Alvina Shaikh, 2012-13
Teacher of Business Studies and Mathematics for I.B. level
B. D. Somani International School

Neha Tungekar

Rizvi College of Education aims at generating far sighted and innovative teachers and I am glad to be a by-product of this institution. My journey during the course has completely moulded and shaped my personality and here I am, preparing young India to face the challenges of the future. Wishing the best for all future endeavours.

Neha Tungekar, 2014-15
Asst. Teacher
Lilavatibai Podar High School – ICSE

Gunjan Khanna

Rizvi College of Education brought out the best in me. It helped me truly understand the term ‘unity in diversity’ through the various cultural activities, the scope of the teaching profession through the plethora of ultra modern strategies and techniques in practice today. Most importantly, it helped me discover and develop myself. With all of these, I walked out of Rizvi College of Education with an air of confidence.

Gunjan Khanna, 2005-06
Primary School Teacher
Gitanjali Devashray, Secunderabad

Mehek Tungekar

Rizvi College of Education provides an opportunity to learn in three different areas, which is essential for success. You learn from lecturers, you learn how to interact with people and children and the most important thing that you learn is about yourself. I found Rizvi College of Education to be a milestone in my professional and personal life. It has been a fantastic experience.
Rizvi College of Education has a great reputation for results and success because of the dedication, support and motivation by the staff. The staff enables students to accomplish their dreams!
They are excellent motivators, they treat you like family. Personal attention is given to each and every student. The facilities were amazing and the environment was very homely. The experience was definitely one that I will never forget. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from Rizvi College of Education like it.

Mehek Tungekar, 2013-14
Podar International School, CIE Powai

Ami Parikh

Rizvi College of Education is and will always be a fantastic place to learn. Teaching was something I was always interested in. The B. Ed course is a really hands-on and practical course. You actually learn the skills needed for the job. With skilled and experienced faculty, you learn to deal with the toughest sort of situations just by observing how they handle a class especially when you go for practice teaching and the internships. You end up seeing a lot of different types of schools, and that was a real eye-opener for me. I was lucky to be able to study at Rizvi College of Education and today, I can safely say I am living my dream.

Ami Parikh, 2012-13
Senior School Teacher
The J.B. Petit High School for Girls, Mumbai

Shloka Sachdev

Rizvi College of Education has enriched me in innumerable ways. It has shaped my personality and given me confidence to impart what I know. I learnt the art of teaching which I always make use of while formulating my lessons. I am grateful to Rizvi College of Education and taking up this course was indeed a good decision for me. 

Shloka Sachdev 2014-15
Spanish Language Educator and Translator
Hispanic Horizons,  Mumbai


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