Garba and Dandiya celebrations
Festival celebrations enables different people to come together in harmony and cause unity among people hence leading to national integration . Rizvi College of Education believes in this thought and celebrates festivals with joy to create a feeling of oneness among all.

World Mental Health Awareness Drive
Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.
Rizvi College of Education along with Help Yourself foundation conducted an awareness drive educating everyone on the importance of positive mental health .A lot of activities was conducted which analyzed the mood of children. Students were made sure that they feel positive about themselves and develop a positive attitude towards life. They say colours are very important in life so the Mandala Art Therapy was conducted where colouring activities were done depicting their mood and colours associated with it .Lastly a pledge was taken that everyone will spread happiness and help others.

Digital Poster Making Competition
Every year 12th of August sees the commemoration of International Youth Day. To mark this occasion, Help Yourself Foundation in association with Rizvi Education Society’s Rizvi College of Education  had organized an Inter-Collegiate Digital Poster Making Competition for College Students. The event aimed to promote youth engagement and empowerment by exploring their roles in contributing to transform India by their voices, concerns and ideas.This year the theme was ‘YOUNG INDIANS MAKE INDIA.

Director Madam’s Birthday Celebration
A birthday signifies your beginning and the joy of life. A birthday is an important and momentous occasion not to be understated. It is a time to celebrate, reflect and give thanks. Rizvi college of Education recognizes the importance of birthdays and celebrates it with giving best wishes to our Director Madam Adv. (Mrs.) Rubina A.H.Rizvi and thanking her for  providing us with her encouragement and unconditional support.

Youth Skill Day
The United Nations, declared 15th July as World Youth Skills Day.  To mark this occasion, Help Yourself Foundation in association with Rizvi Education Society’s Rizvi College of Education had  organized an   International Youth Skill day for College Students. The event aimed to promote, The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) in coordination with Master Pro organisation  which is affiliated with Skill India Policy to impart skills-based training to young men and women, making them capable of earning and supporting the nation’s anti-poverty endeavours.

Founder’s day
Founders’ Day is traditionally a very important day when members of the institution – students, management, staff and friends – meet to commemorate those who founded the institution and who have bequeathed resources to its development. An atmosphere of celebration filled Rizvi college of Education when the students and professors gathered to celebrate the Founder’s Day. This year marked the inauguration of newly refurbished Rizvi Digital Library , the inauguration of Abis Rizvi scholarship for deserving students  in academics and Saquib Rizvi Sports scholarship for students excelling in sports

Independence day
The Independence Day of India, which is celebrated religiously throughout the Country on the 15th of August every year, reminds every Indian about the dawn of a new beginning, the beginning of an era of deliverance from the clutches of British colonialism of more than 200 years. Rizvi College of Education feels very proud to remind the sacrifices of Indian freedom fighters. WE have the flag hoisting ceremony followed by NCC parade and cultural event

Investor awareness Program
The thought of investments needs to come to your mind since the day you have your first salary in hand. The reason for investments may vary for various reasons like vacations, unforeseen events, etc.  Rizvi College of Education realizes the need to educate its students and therefore had organized an Investor awareness programme for its students. Rizvi College of Education had  invited Mrs. Garima Kumar from AXIS BANK to educate the students  on investment practices so that they can be future ready and independent

Yoga Sessions
supports teachers in learning self-care techniques, and provides them with tools for engaging, focusing, relaxing, and energizing students in their classrooms. The same techniques associated with improved student behavior could help to prevent teacher burnout and build resiliency. Rizvi College of Education regularly conducts yoga sessions for its students for a period of ten weeks


Donation Drive
The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and a will to serve others .On the event of World Charity Day . Help Yourself Foundation in association with Rizvi Education Society’s Rizvi College of Education  conducted a charity event where food items such as biscuits, foodgrains and soap bars  were distributed to  nine NGOs and the needy.


World Humanitarian Day
International days are occasions to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity. Rizvi College of Education along with Help Yourself Foundation  had organized a beach donation drive The beaches are covered with trash – colorful plastic bags, bottles and food packages are everywhere, often entangled in old fishing nets or rotting fabrics. .Rizvi College of Education took this  initiative further and created  awareness among our families and societies so that we all can contribute in keeping our beaches and water bodies clean and not pollute it by throwing plastic and debris into the them.

Adapt Course
The RCOED in collaboration with ADAPT formerly, the Spastic Society of India conducts a certificate course on  Inclusive Education. Rizvi College of Education had invited prominent speakers like Varsha Hooja   and Archana Madam who are closely related to this cause The course objectives are to orient the students on the principles of Inclusion, Sensitizing student teachers on disability and help them in developing positive attitude towards the differently abled by Integrating therapy in educational settings. The course incorporates diverse activities like visits to special schools, classroom observation, therapy .


Teacher’s day
Rizvi Education Society celebrated teacher’s day on Wednesday 18th September 2019. This day was kept aside to honor the gifted souls who work every day to make sure that the future is bright for their students. The day was filled with lots of excitement, joy and happiness as management was eagerly looking forward to tell their teachers how and why are they special to them. A lot of fun filled activities and cultural activities was done which included dances and garba performance, fashion show, group singing and solo dance events .The felicitation of teaching and non teaching staff was done by the management for their dedication and service. There was a selfie corner which was created so that the staff and teachers can click happy cheerful pictures. The management Hon. President Sir Dr. A.H. Rizvi and Hon. Director Madam Adv. Mrs. Rubina.A.H.Rizvi made arrangement so that everyone is recognized appreciated and felt loved. A scrumptious lunch was provided by management.


2019 Digital Poster with theme
Our country celebrated its 73rd Independence Day on 15th August 2019. To mark this occasion Help Yourself Foundation and Rizvi College of Education had organized an Intercollegiate Digital Poster Making Competition under the theme “Young Indians Make India”. We are happy to share that the event witnessed an overwhelming participation of students with total registration of 99 students from different colleges of Mumbai and 90 Digital posters were received. The posters were evaluated on the set parameters by the judges. Ms. Farhana Vice Principal, Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Dr. Gyanprakash Arya in-charge Principal and Dr. Radhika Vakharia felicitated the winners. Following winners proudly received the trophy at the prize distribution ceremony held on 15th august 2019 during Independence Day Celebration in the college premises.

1st Prize – Ms. Manisha Gore from Royal College of Education and Research
2nd Prize – Ms. Komal Bipin Kumar from Pillai College of Education and Research Chembur.
3rd Prize – Ms. Jivana Muhaddisa from Royal College of Education and Research.

We congratulate the winners and applaud their efforts towards balancing the academics with their passion for co-curricular activities. E-certificates will soon be sent to all the participants over email. We are truly thankful to our Honorable President Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi and Director Adv. Mrs. Rubina Akhtar Hasan Rizvi for the guidance and support. Dr. Rakhi Sawlani was the staff-in-charge for the event.


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