Dr. Priyanka Pandey
(M.A., M.ED.,P.G.D.G&C., DIP. IN YOGA, Ph.D.(PSY.))

Mrs. Spoty Manoj Karthik
(M.ED.,M.Sc.,M.A. (PSY.) )

The aim of Guidance and Counseling cell is to provide comprehensive guidance programs and services that will equip students with necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to become mature and socially responsible individuals. It aims to promote a just and humane society.

This is the motto of the Guidance & counseling cell which functions as a part of Student Support Service (SSS) for student retention. The cell nurtures  students through  different activities and allows  students to cross  hurdles in the academic year thereby marching smoothly towards success. Apart from this, it helps the students to overcome class, social, and cultural barriers to complete their college education. The Guidance and Counseling Committee is looked after by a teaching faculty. Apart from the main in charge the other faculty members take up specific roles in the activities conducted. The committee identifies students who require services on priority along with their areas of deficiency and suggests the improvement required.
The students once identified, are given academic as well as personal counseling.

The following are the activities conducted under this cell

    1. Nurturing through the remedial teaching program.
    2. Mentoring through an individual counseling.
    3. Provide various comprehensive psychological services to students and resolve their emotional, behavioral, academic, and social issues.
    4. Apart from this, the ones who are financially weak are helped with the following activities
      1. Guiding for  financial assistance from banks
      2. Getting a scholarship for students through various organizations
    1. Planning and implementing career guidance program in different school.
    2. Organizing workshop in the area of-
    1.  Stress management
    2. Emotional  intelligence
    3. Self awareness
    4. Learning disabilities
    5. Offering counseling in the area of psychology and career guidance on request basis.
  1. Psychological testing in areas of-
    1. Aptitude
    2. Intelligence
    3. Interest
    4. Stress and anxiety.

The counseling cell functions in coordination with the placement cell in order to solve the career guidance related problems.

Mental Health Talk 2021

Stress Management
Teachers need to cope with classroom challenges and handle their feelings, which will make it easier for them to manage their students’ feelings. So it is vital that teachers take care of their own wellbeing by managing the stress they experience. This helps in teaching effectively and helping students deal with their stress. To enable student teachers manage stress efficiently several workshops and activities are conducted in the college. The college conducts a workshop on ‘Stress Management’ lead by Fr. Dr. Clifton Lobo, wherein students are trained in meditation, relaxation techniques and wellness activities. Fr. Lobo is an expert in the field. Yoga sessions are carried out throughout the year. These sessions are led by Mr. Gyanprakash Arya and Dr.Priyanka Pandey who are professionally trained Yoga practitioners.

Yoga Sessions conducted by B.Ed. college faculties on every Thursday at Seminar Hall
Yoga being practiced by our B.Ed. students
Yoga being practiced by our B.Ed. students

10 Day Workshop on Yoga and Mental Health – 2018
RCoEd organised a 10 – Day workshop for the well being of the mental health of Student Teachers through Yoga as an interventional strategy.

A pre- test is conducted and based on the requirement of the student and different Asanas of Yoga were taken up. These sessions were conducted by Dr. Priyanka Pandey, who is trained Yoga instructor and the in-house psychologist. Along with the support and involvement of our Principal Sir, Prof. Gyanprakash Arya, these sessions were conducted for Semester III students.

After the last session, a post- test was conducted to know if the students felt the difference and if intervention through yoga has helped them. All the teachers and the non-teaching staff delightedly joined in these sessions to learn yoga and also gave fitness a serious thought.

We are very delighted and blessed to have the guidance of Dr. Priyanka Pandey and appreciate her efforts and initiation to conduct these sessions every year. Below are a few glimpses of the workshop.

Dr. Priyanka Pandey and Prof. Gyanprakash Arya
Dr. Priyanka Pandey and Prof. Gyanprakash Arya
10 Day Workshop on Yoga and Mental Health
10 Day Workshop on Yoga and Mental Health
Active participation of the entire RCoEd Family in the Workshop
Active participation of the entire RCoEd Family in the Workshop
Elementary to advanced asanas conducted
Elementary to advanced asanas conducted
Elementary to Advanced Asanas
Elementary to Advanced Asanas

Strength Lies in Differences not in Similarities – a Visit to ADAPT

Inclusive Education is about embracing all, making a commitment to do whatever it takes to provide each student in the community – and each citizen in a democracy – an inalienable right to belong, not to be excluded.

With the Right to Education Act 2009 it is mandatory for all schools to have an infrastructure that caters to students with physical disabilities, by 2019 and that all special schools will function as normal schools. For this it is important for all teachers to be trained to address to children with special needs and thus Rizvi College of Education organised a visit to The Spastics society now known as ADAPT so as to give a brief to their student-teachers of how to help children with special needs. The Spokesperson Mrs.Rekha Vijayakar who is also the principal at ADAPT gave a brief about the various disabilities and also shared a few success stories. One of them was about a girl who was unable to speak or write and how her mother helped her to write and learn mathematics and English. Mrs. Vijayakar pointed out that students with disabilities are blessed with special abilities. To establish this she shared various success stories which helped the student teachers understand that with a little training & support student with disabilities are capable of doing much better than regular children. The children need love care & affection which in turn will induce in them enthusiasm to learn and eventually be self-sufficient.

The educators took the student-teachers around the campus to familiarise them about the different aids that could be used for children with special needs depending upon the disability of the child. Some of the aids were a modified keyboard, 3D teaching aids, flash card based storytelling, etc. The student teachers got a chance to interact with the students of ADAPT. The visit was indeed a great learning for the student teachers and they felt proud to be teachers in making who would make a difference in the lives of the students.

Some see disabilities, but special education teachers see the possibilities.
Inclusion is not tolerance; it is unquestioned acceptance.
Let’s celebrate diversity

Towards an Inclusive Society: Role of Teachers
Inclusive education is about how we develop and design our schools, classrooms, programs and activities so that all students learn and participate together. It is about valuing and celebrating diversity. Inclusion of children with different disabilities has become the right of the these children and the need for an inclusive society. So all regular classroom teachers should be sensitized to suspect, and trained to screen for this disability when the child is in school. Keeping this in perspective the college organizes specialized talk, visits and training for the student teachers.

This year college had organized a talk on “Inclusion of the Learning Disabled” by Dr. Manoj Bhatawdekar who is a leading Psychiatrist of Mumbai. He described the classification of different neurodevelopment disabilities; explained the identifying characteristics of each type and the intervention strategies teachers could use in inclusive classrooms. He shared with the student teachers his vast repertoire of experiences in dealing with such cases.

As part of community work a group of student teachers had worked with Little Angels School, Bandra, assisting the teachers in their day to day activities. Primarily aimed at reaching out to children with special needs the school enhances social awareness through its inclusion of normal children in its classes. Working in Little Angels School was a very valuable learning for the student teachers, testimony of which is evident in their reflections.

“It was an honour and privilege for all five (Haya, Namrata, Ammara, Rafiya & Devesh) of us to get such an opportunity to visit this wonderful world, where sympathy is prohibited and empathy is welcomed. Since we all five of us were assigned varied responsibilities in different departments, we explored all kinds of excellent activities. The activities planned for ‘Life Enrichment’ have unimaginably excelled the children’s lives. Sessions like ‘Independent Living’ have enabled the students to stay self-reliantly in this society. ‘Capoeira’ has made them physically disciplined. Other activities including Tabla, Rifle shooting, Swimming, Dance, Drawing have surely enhanced their confidence. All subjects included in the timetable are perfectly planned and implemented as well. We salute Jehangir sir (the Director), Sheela madam (the principal), along with their industrious staff including Deepa madam, Jasmine madam, Aditya sir, Deepak sir, to name a few, who are extremely patient and self-motivated while dealing with the children.” We hope that this noble work of Little Angels continues till the end of eternity”

Inclusion is a way of thinking and acting that allows every individual to feel accepted, valued, and safe. The programmes organized by the college aim at developing this philosophy in its student teachers.

– Rizvi College Counselling Cell
“Not all heroes wear capes; some wear Green Ribbons”

On 10th October 2018, marking the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Rizvi College of Education arranged a remarkable event, consisting of varied activities to emphasize mental fitness of individuals, especially adolescents at large. This was in tune with the World Health Organisation’s Mental Health Awareness Day 2018 theme, “Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World”. The one day programme was inaugurated by Dr. Trupti Barchha who is a practicing doctor and a wellness expert. In her inaugural address she explained the true meaning of being mentally fit and shared some wonderful tips as how to stay mentally healthy and fit. The striking facets of her speech included SWOT analysis to be compulsorily conducted in every school and college, emphasizing self-awareness, along with the power of meditation. The inaugural function was followed by the day’s programme which involved a chain of three interconnected activities, to be followed one after the other – viz. Emoji activity, Stress Test and Counselling session.

  • Emoji Activity – Check your mood – A Smiley activity where the students express their mood using emoticons.
  • Stress Screening Test – A short test to identify the stress level of the test takers.
  • Counselling Sessions – Based on the above stress screening the students are referred for further counseling session in the college or other counseling clinics.

The counseling sessions were conducted by Dr. Trupti Barchha, Mrs.SpotyKarthik, Dr.Priyanka Pandey and Dr. Rakhi Sawlane. The counsellors made sure that every individual had a smile on their face after the counselling session. This session truly gained the trust of people to share their problems and have a small reflection about them. The counsellors listened to each client empathetically and guided them to deal their problems through introspection and self awareness. Several people including students and staff member took the benefit of this session. Cases requiring further intervention were referred to clinics.

For spreading awareness, posters depicting the significance of mental health and the need of removing the stigma associated to mental ailments were displayed throughout the venue.

Rizvi Group’s HELP YOURSELF FOUNDATION in association with Rizvi Education Society’s
ON 10/10/2019.
Time 11.00 AM to 2.00 PM onwards
Venue : Rizvi College Of Education.

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. Research studies shows 1 in 4 Indian people suffers from mental illness.  That is an estimate of 56% of the population.  Creating awareness is a difficult task. Awareness can eliminates stigma for these people.  If one is aware of his/her limitations and strengths, stigma may disappear.

To promote awareness about the importance of mental health ‘Help Yourself Foundation’ in association with ‘Rizvi College of Education’ is organizing a mental health awareness program on 10 October, 2019. The event aims to promote awareness about the importance of mental health and attaining mental health wellness.

Awareness is a form of education.  The more you know, the more power you have.    This power can cause a positive effect in our community.  Awareness helps students understand what mental health is and how they can receive the help they need.

World Cerebral Palsy – 04th October, 2019

S.Y.B.Ed. Student Teachers creating Awareness in their respective Internship Schools about Cerebral Palsy through an Awareness Program. An effort was taken to create awareness about not only cerebral palsy but also about Inclusive Education among teachers and students through videos, role plays, short talks and other creative activities.

The program enabled one to appreciate the individual differences in another and look beyond disability. Through this program the students learnt to love, respect and care for each other, lend a helping hand and celebrate diversity.