(M.A., M.ED.,P.G.D.G&C., DIP. IN YOGA, Ph.D.(PSY.)

Mrs. Pooja Manghirmalani- Mishra
(M.Sc, M.Ed, S.E.T., P.G.D.M.E)

The Research Cell aims to nurture research culture in the student teachers and faculties by encouraging research in newly emerging and challenging areas of Education and in its multidisciplinary fields like ICT, Psychology, Philosophy etc. This enhances the general research capability of budding technocrats by way of participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, project competition, etc.

Research is the backbone of Education. Research helps educationists to recognize and benefit the opportunities for collaboration, sharing of knowledge, innovative practices ad skills. In order to provide every faculty member and student teachers with the latest skills and expertise in their area of interest, Rizvi College of Education has formed its Research Cell where in all our diverse teachers can share their expertise would in return enrich, enhance and help  every  faculty member and student teacher to grow to the optimum. Thus the Research Cell was established, with the objective of motivating and empowering every faculty member.


  • To create awareness and opportunities in Research and Development among the student teachers & faculty;
  • To create interest and atmosphere among the staff members to take up Research projects and improve their knowledge, skills and qualifications by registering Ph.D’s;
  • To motivate the faculty members of the group for R&D activities in the area of their specialization;
  • To encourage staff members and students to publish technical papers for publishing in National and reputed International Conferences/Journals;
  • To undertake research activities and development projects offered by agencies such as NCTE, UGC.
  • To facilitate the growth of research activity among the academic community, including developing mechanisms and targets to achieve this;
  • To develop and coordinate strategies for maximizing the faculty’s success in gaining external research funding;
  • To maintain and disseminate current information about relevant research areas and initiatives in government, in the professions and in relevant industries, including external funding opportunities;
  • To develop strategies to foster research collaborations within the faculty, across faculty and institutes, and with agencies outside the college;
  • To work with various departments to establish and develop faculty research priorities in interdisciplinary areas;
  • To coordinate faculty level workshops and staff development activities on research-related issues;


  • Introductory workshop for inculcation of research attitude amongst Student-Teachers
  • In-service teachers’ training for research
  • Major and minor research projects
  • Paper reading session by research scholars
  • Conducting Action Research in the college and schools

Rizvi College of Education along with Indian Council of Social Science Research, Mumbai organized a one-day National Research Seminar.

Theme: Emotional Intelligence to Social Intelligence: A Paradigm Shift

Date: 30th November 2015

Venue: Rizvi College of Education, Rizvi Educational Complex, Off. Carter Rd, Bandra (West), Mumbai 50.

List of Publication:

Title of the Paper

Name of the paper Presenter

Social Intelligence: The Path Towards  Living Effectively

Ms.Anju Chaplot

A Study of a Model on the Emotional Intelligence as A Determinant of Organizational Climate.

Ms. Sunita Dutta
In Absentia

Role of Dramatics in Development of Social Skills

Ms. Madhumati Pawar

Positive and Negative Impact of Technology on Social Skills

Ms. Vidya.Remesh

Action Research: A study of the Social Intelligence of Secondary School Students through an Experiential Module

Ms. Nikhat Humdule

Social Skills as a Tool for Developing an Effective Personality

Mrs. Indira Gopinathan

Real vs. Virtual:  Is Social Networking Sabotaging Real Communication and Are Human Relations under Siege?

Mrs. Spoty Karthik

Technology and Social Skills

Mrs. Bonifacia Lobo

Society,Issues,Solutions: Swaraj se Surajya Tak

Mr. Gyanprakash Arya

Social Skills as a Tools towards Developing an Effective

Dr. Ratnaprabha Rajmane

Some Memories of the National Research Seminar:

Report of the National Research Seminar