Mrs. Spoty Karthik
(M.Sc., M.Ed., N.E.T.)

Mrs. Nahida Mandviwala
(MA, M.Ed, N.E.T.)

The principle of gender equality enshrined in the Indian Constitution perceives that all women and men have right to live as free and equal human beings. The goal of the cell is the realiation of this principle.


  • To create awareness among student teachers about problems faced by women due to gender issues.
  • To create awareness amongst student teachers about the issues related to girls in schools.
  •  To equip the student teachers in providing sex education to school students.
  • To disseminate knowledge about rights and laws related to women.
  • To enhance the self-esteem and self- confidence of female student teachers coming from socially backward backgrounds.
  • To develop financial literacy among the female student teachers.


  • Talks on legal rights of women.
  • Training in providing sex education in schools.
  • Workshop on providing education to school children on child sexual abuse.
  •  Financial literacy program.

2020 -2021:


Internet has been trying to connect each and every corner of the world with each other, with so much ease, allowing billions of people on earth to communicate. But it has also become a medium of crime for the wicked mind. These criminals use technologies to commit cyber attacks against the government, business or individuals. These crimes know no borders and cause serious harm to the victims worldwide. As cyber crimes have been escalating at lightning speed, the College’s Women Development Cell in collaboration with Public Concern for Governance Trust (PCGT) is organizing a Webinar on ‘Cyber Crime against Women & Children’ on 1st May, 2021 from 4pm-6pm. The speaker is Dr. Ashok Bagul, Senior Police Inspector, Cyber Police Station. Dr. Bagul is a Ph. D. in Criminal Law who has received several awards for his meritorious services in his field. He is an expert trainer of police in many professional subjects like law, investigations, convictions and soft skill development. The webinar is aimed at creating awareness in areas like modes of cybercrime against children & women, measures for online safety and also legal provisions for prevention, detection and investigation of cybercrimes. The speaker will also elaborate on the procedure to be adopted to deal with a crime occurred. The webinar is open to all interested and can click the link provided in the flyer to join the Whatsapp group and take part in the session. link for whatsapp group

A session on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) by Sonali Parab, Sr. Program Co-ordinator Arpan ( NGO based in Mumbai working on the issue of CSA). She acquainted the student teachers about POSCO Act in India. She also briefed them about Arpan’s  intervention through ‘The Advocacy and Program strategy’ which included psychotherapeutic support through trained, qualified therapists to children and adult survivors of sexual abuse and their families. Followed by the program Arpan conducted a Recruitment session in the college. Two of the student teachers were selected.

An awareness lecture on Legal rights of Women in India titled ‘Human Rights as Women’s Rights’ was delivered by Dr.Daisy Alexander, Principal of Rizvi College of Law. Laws related to property rights, medical rights, domestic violence and sexual harassment were explained and discussed with reference to cases.
Cancer Awareness Lecture by Gynecologist Dr. (Sr.) Beena, Holy Family Hospital, Bandra, dealt in detail about Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer.

Student teachers during the school internship conducted awareness sessions on Child Sexual Abuse and Menstrual Hygiene Management. Sessions included video shows, talks, sharing of experiences and  Poster displays.

RCOED’s Women’s Development Cell organised a talk on “Investor’s Protection Fund- A Financial Education Program” by Mr. Ashok Kumar to enrich the Student-Teachers about right investments and overall knowledge about managing finance and investments.

Here are a few glimpses of the session.

Our resource person, Mr. Ashok Kumar
Our resource person, Mr. Ashok Kumar
Faculty In charge, Mrs. Nahida M
Faculty In charge, Mrs. Nahida M
Student Interaction
Student Interaction