A drive towards Mental Health Awareness
Let’s Talk; Let’s Connect

10 October 2017 also marked a significant day around the globe as World Mental Health Day. An educational campaign, World Mental Health Day aims to promote and advocate mental health to the global community. It’s a network of supporters putting the focus on mental health which certainly does not begin when a health crisis occurs, and it does not end after World Mental Health Day. The conversations need to continue, and we can be there for each other. Every person deserves the opportunity to have a positive and fulfilling life experience. Let’s break our culture of silence.

1. Mental Health Awareness Talk:
Talk was delivered by Dr. Priyanka Pandey who is also our in-house psychologist. Talk was organized on 9th October 2017 in the college for the S.Y.B.Ed Students

2. Mental Health Awareness Drive:
This programme was organized at the Bandra Local Station between 9:00 Hrs to 13:00 Hrs on the 10th October 2017. Staff and students conducted various activities to know the mental health of the commuters and help / guide them and make them aware of the importance of mental health.

Event coordinator, Ms. Rakhi Sawlane ensured that all students participated with equal zest, essential permissions were taken well in advance and were in place and required set-up was ready prior to the commencement time of the event.

The Mental Health awareness Drive was a grand success with lots of response from the commuters which included students, professionals, house wives, work men and domestic helpers.