A drive towards Mental Health Awareness

Let’s Talk; Let’s Connect

10 October 2017 also marked a significant day around the globe as World Mental Health Day. An educational campaign, World Mental Health Day aims to promote and advocate mental health to the global community. It’s a network of supporters putting the focus on mental health which certainly does not begin when a health crisis occurs, and it does not end after World Mental Health Day. The conversations need to continue, and we can be there for each other. Every person deserves the opportunity to have a positive and fulfilling life experience. Let’s break our culture of silence.

1. Organization of Awareness Programme
• It provides a perfect platform for the students to inform people through signpost sources of support and break down barriers that may prevent people accessing support.
The students are split into groups through the station with banners (posters, placards) distributing the pamphlets while chanting: ‘We are students in social care, we are walking to make aware, mental health illness in our society, sufferers deal with it silently, it’s not an illness that can be seen, it’s not the stigma as it’s always been, mental health is not a disease, think and see the person please. we make people stop, think and hopefully start conversations about mental health.

2. Organization of Mental Health Talk
• To make a collective effort to become more supportive of and concerned about student mental health.
• To discuss the types of mental health issues that affect students most like Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Suicide, Eating disorder, Addiction.
It is really important that people talk about mental health and addressing the stigma and discrimination, people with mental health issues can face.

In House Speaker – Dr. Priyanka Pandey

Rakhi Sawlane